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In honor of Labor Day weekend, we would like you to join us in supporting Martha Stewart’s American Made 2014 Awards. You know how much we love and support companies that produce in the US and we hope you will do your part in supporting this movement and lifestyle. Let’s bring back jobs to our fellow Americans! I know it seems like a large task, but we can start small just by changing small habits and paying attention to where the things we buy are made.

Please check out our nomination page, here, and share our story with your friends and family on FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram! Take a look at all the nominees as well. These companies ALL produce in America! It’s incredible to see, and we’re so glad to be apart of the American Made Community!

Have a wonderful and safe Labor Day weekend!

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  • your friends at Frank & Eileen


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we’re on the cover of a magazine!

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Sometimes there are no words to express sheer JOY and EXCITEMENT! Last night at 12am, getting ready for bed in the dark (power outage in Venice), I was jaws to the floor speechless and shouting in the dark at the same time, when I discovered our showroom on the COVER of Aspire Metro Magazine! Aspire Metro is committed to sharing stories of incredible interior design and architecture. Alice Hurley, writer for Aspire worked with Melody Weir, our interior designer, to feature our Downtown LA showroom in the upcoming issue. Our showroom has received a lot of press and love since we’ve completed the build-out, but we had no idea that it would turn into our first magazine cover!! I am still trying to wrap my head around this, while getting my hands on as many copies as I can. This is an extremely proud moment for Frank & Eileen! If you need me, I’ll be dancing in my office for the rest of the day!

  • xxoo,
  • Audrey