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Frank and Eileen Heffernan, est.1949

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We receive love notes, emails and calls from people all around the world who adore Frank & Eileen McLoghlin’s love story so much that they become inspired to share their own. Since we felt it was unfair to keep these stories to ourselves, we are sharing them with you in hope that you feel what we feel – inspired and connected.

This is your opportunity to #SHAREYOURLOVESTORY! Whether you’re Jack & Jill, Dorothy & Toto, or Romeo & Juliet, we know you have a story to tell. Our goal is to share these stories to show that true and everlasting love is here and sometimes right next door. As we all know, love can be found in many places … in people, pets, our homes, our passions, and dreams. Wherever you have found it, we want to hear about it!


To kick off our #SHAREYOURLOVESTORY campaign, meet our new favorite lovebirds, Frank and Eileen Heffernan!

& Eileen
est. 1949

Happy 65th anniversary to Frank and Eileen Heffernan!

Our hearts nearly exploded when we received a sweet note back in June from Frank and Eileen’s son, Brian.

Their love story goes like this: Frank and Eileen Heffernan of full and partial Irish descent, met in 1947, and married in 1949 in NYC. About a month ago, their granddaughter, Cristy, one of their 16 grandchildren, was visiting San Diego and discovered her very first Frank & Eileen shirt in a shop in the area. Filled with excitement, Cristy text her father Brian with the news. Brian took this as a special sign, that he had no choice but to purchase a shirt for each of his parents. When Brian presented their gifts, they were shocked and delighted at the name of our company and loved the shirts with their very own names on them. He ended the note by saying, “I  just wanted to let you know that there is a real Frank and Eileen feeling in love when they wear Frank & Eileen.”

We were so inspired and touched by their love story and Brian’s effort to share with us, that we put together a special package that Frank and Eileen will receive today, on their 65th wedding anniversary.

THANK YOU, Brian for sharing your parents love story! We are extremely grateful and our hearts are filled!

Will your story be next? There is only one way to find out! Happy sharing!

  • xo,
  • your friends at Frank & Eileen


Events, Neiman Marcus

new week, new city

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It’s a new week, which means we have something new and exciting up our perfectly wrinkled and roll-up sleeve. This week is St. Louis Fashion Week!

Neiman Marcus will host a panel discussion and fashion presentation featuring our very own founder and designer, Audrey McLoghlin, along with, accessories designer Lisa Freede, and fashion designer Jonathan Simkhai on Thursday, October 9th at 5:30pm. Fashion + small bites + cocktails… what more could you ask for on a Thursday night?!

Get your tickets here, now! We’re all about spending for a cause, so we’re happy to announce that 100% of ticket proceeds will go to the Center of Creative Arts in St. Louis!

To keep up with Audrey and her travels, follow us on Instagram and Twitter!

We hope to see you in St. Louis!

  • xxoo,
  • your friends at Frank & Eileen