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FALL, Style

dreaming of fall


Although it’s still blazing hot in Los Angeles, I think we can all agree that we’re ready for Fall to arrive. Looking through social media this week really has us craving a new season… and pants! We’re all about classic style and this shot of Takumi, really captures perfect transitional fall style.

This street style snap inspired us to dream up our ideal outfit for the day that we really start feeling Fall!



Janessa Leone Marty Hat // Frank & Eileen, Eileen lt. poplin shirt // Ray-Ban Classic Aviators // Céline Bi-Cabas Handbag // Church’s Classic Sandalwood Oxford // Citizens of Humanity Emerson Boyfriend Jean

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collection, DECADES DENIM

get down with your decade

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 8.21.02 PM

The funny thing about denim is, it never goes out of style. Sure, the silhouettes and trends change, the washes sometimes get funkier than we’d like, but that’s exactly why we love it! Denim is ever evolving and forever classic. We fell in love with denim because it changed as it aged and the way it wore reflected how we lived our lives and that still holds true.

We love taking the opportunity to look back at how denim has evolved from decade to decade, specifically beginning with the 1950s. We’ve taken iconic looks from the ’50s, ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s to bring you a piece of history, no matter what decade you were born, or what decade we’re in now!

In the 1950s, denim was was worn by factory workers and laborers, and not yet considered stylish and cool. The legendary dream boats, Dean and Brando, started sporting denim on and off screen, and the kids went wild! It was the epitome of the American West. To think it was rebellious to wear denim up until the mid ’60s! We wanted to bring denim back to it’s roots - Sturdy, affordable, raw denim that lasts through the roughest days. Although denim was still worn by the rebels and the cowboys, it became more acceptable in the mid ’60s. The ’70s and ’80s is where we really began to experiment with different styles and washes. This is when we really had the most fun with denim. Don’t worry ’90s babies, we’ll show you some love soon!

Enjoy our new Decades Denim collection for men and women!

Let us know what your favorite looks of these decades were on our Twitter, here, and our Facebook page, here.

We’ll be going through 4 decades in 4 days…


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