The Irish love a bit of good craic! Craic (Krak) is an Irish term for good times, gossip & fun

wrinkles and all

Lost Your Wrinkles?

Audrey’s Tip:

Lasses, if the wrinkles fall out of your favorite wrinkled poplins, bundle your shirt into a ball straight out of the washer and set on top of your dryer. Let the shirt dry in the bundle. Once dry, iron the placket down as needed.

No need to worry, lads! All lads’ shirts, as well as any lasses’ flannel, denim, or linen shirts, are never wrinkled!


Happy 2nd Birthday, Shirt Pub!



We’ve just arrived back from Japan where we celebrated the Shirt Pub’s second anniversary with a tea party. For those of you who may not know, the Shirt Pub in Tokyo is our first and only retail store.  It’s in inspired by a classic Irish pub. We highly recommend a trip to Tokyo, Japan to see for yourself!

For now, here a few of our favorite shots from our whirlwind trip.

IMG_3527IMG_3568IMG_3539 IMG_3586IMG_3572